Sweetgrass Tee Time: (906) 723-2251
Sage Run Tee Time: (906) 723-2254
Packages: 877-ISL-GREEN

Reservation Policies

Reservations are highly recommended and can be made over the phone by calling 906-723-2251 (Sweetgrass), 906-723-2254 (Sage Run) or in person at the Golf Shop. When making your reservation, please note the following:

  • A valid credit card is required to hold a reservation.
  • To give all guests the opportunity to play, we will attempt to pair players into foursomes whenever possible.
  • A party of 5 would be booked as a threesome and a twosome, with the understanding that each of these may be paired to fill out foursomes for each tee time.
  • Please arrive 20-25 minutes prior to your tee time.

Cancellation Policies

  • Cancellations and modifications must be made at least 24 hours in advance of reservation to avoid a payment penalty.
  • Tee times cancelled or left unreduced inside of 24 hours are subject to be charged to the credit card provided when the reservation was made.
  • Golfers are encouraged to call 906-723-2251 (Sweetgrass) or 906-723-2254 (Sage Run) to cancel or modify party size, even if you are inside the 24-hour window.

Rain Check Policies

In the event of inclement weather, the course may close down play for a period of time or for the entire day. Should play be stopped with extended delays or closure of the course occurs, a rain check will be issued. Rain checks will be dated to expire one year from the date of issue.

  • 1-5 holes: 18 hole rain check
  • 6-13 holes: 9 hole rain check
  • 14-18 holes: No rain check

Player Policies

  • Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your reserved time to allow for check-in and cart assignment.
  • Golf cart rental is required and is included as part of the green/stay and play fees. Walkers, pull/push carts and private golf carts are not permitted.
  • Non-player riders are permitted providing room on the cart is available. There is a limit of two carts per foursome. A nominal cart fee-will be applied to each non-player rider.
  • Young children and pets are not permitted on the course as spectators or passengers.
  • Proper golf attire is required on the course and in all practice areas:
    • Turtleneck or shirt with collar.
    • Golf shoes with soft spikes or tennis shoes.
    • Hemmed shorts providing they are no shorter than 4″ above the knee.
    • Golf slacks or denim jeans providing they are not frayed or have any holes.
  • Personal coolers and all types of food/beverage storage devices, are not permitted on the course.
  • All players must register in the Golf Shop prior to play. Each player will be issued a receipt which they will surrender to the course Starter prior to their designated tee time.

Course Rules

  • USGA rules govern all play except for the following local rules:
    • Course boundary fence is considered out-of-bounds.
    • Ball hit into long fescue grass can be played as lateral hazard.
    • Drop area on #15 is on the island.
    • Red stakes = lateral hazard while yellow stakes = water hazard
  • Allow faster groups to play through.
  • Keep golf carts out of the non-mowed areas (long fescue).
  • Affix ball marks, repair divots and rake bunkers.
  • In the event of inclement weather (lightening, severe storms) cease play and seek shelter immediately.
  • Recommended tee use is as follows:
    • Black: Men with handicap of 4 and under
    • Blue: Men with handicap of 12 and under
    • White: Men with handicap of 13 and up
    • Gold: Senior men and women (handicap 10 and under)
    • Red: Women


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